Sunday, January 10, 2010

40th post done!

I've decided to just get comfortable, and just skip a bunch of weeks to the point where blogging is easy for me.

* Montage!*

Well I've been posting for almost two months now. I think I've gotten rather good. I seem to have a way with words, a wizardly way. I'm like a word magician. I have this really sweet Unicorn of grammar that teaches me the ways of syntax as only a mythical beast of the forests can, that is, with a big ass horn that can shoot lasers.

Lasers are super sweet.

Anyways, back to unicorns. There is this phenomenon in my life: most of my friends buy me unicorn related gifts. One friend has given me the same unicorn on a fuzzy surface drawing set with markers of many colors TWICE. I get unicorn coloring books galore, action figures, and dolls. Its nice. But how did they know? Its not like I'm going on about it all the time right? Am I? Bueller?

Rainbows are badass too.

Yours in Raptor Jesus,



  1. If only I had known you were blogging. Then we could have avoided all of this unforunate nonsense.
    But I didn't...
    And you didn't sign the release form to blogboutme.
    We'll be in touch.