Friday, January 22, 2010

Nonbob Dylan

I only have a few messages saved on my phone. I like to delete things. But the following is a long conversation I have saved and its the best conversation I've ever had on a phone. Well it's up there. (I've edited out textisms like 'u' for 'you' because I hate them.)

Background is we were both driving in the great Winter Storm of early '10.  I was in Albany, Dylan and were driving to Boston. 

Me: Good luck god bless tell ana to form up with you to form DylAnatron and use your forward lasers to cut a flaming path to freedom. Cue music.

Dylan: Dude I ha ve to go, there's a three headed space monster and we need both lion head hands to form the energy sword.

M:Always you will be loving hte last star of tomorrow's heart (cue Japanese Pop music)

D: God you are so right.  The bridge is just a Japanese girl crying into the mic. 

M: This is the best conversation I've ever had. Let's suddenly take it to the next level by exploding into space, surrounded by laserspumpingtechno and blast into the Starshipspacemechaplaneamorph Form in order ot use our final power to repel the forces of evil.

D: As we engage, however, a tear forms through the fabric of time and WE and the enemy tubmle inot THIS dimension, bruised but not yet beaten, and we join forces with OURSELVES to beat twice the foes. (Guitar solo).

M: Blazing tracks with both guitar and ship lets start yelling at our enemyfor the death of some chick you never get to meet or even see nakede! Laser effects 3D!

D:We then join HER back on earth for a quite, independently distributed drama about redemption, comin ghome form the big city for her dad's funeral and reconnecting with her high school love she never really got over. Ryan Adams/Alison Krauss duet single over the credits.



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