Monday, January 11, 2010

The last unicorn, America, etc

CORRECTION: The unicorns are from canada. in my defense, i was really sure i was right in thinking that they were from california (maybe Tim Williamson is right, no luminosity, at least for knowing that one is right about band origins). the person responsible for the error will be fired forthwith.

and some of the members of america are from the uk;

whatever im gonna go cry about it.

this out:

This was one of my favorite movies growing up. My dad, who is awesome, played this song with his band (a bit more rocked out).

Also, the name of the band that sings it is called America, which is like the unicorn of nation states: magical and alone...

Also this is the band The unicorns which is a sweet band. It turns out they are from America...its all coming together

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  1. I also loved the last unicorn, and never managed to get through it without crying like a little girl. I think I have it on VHS somewhere in Tennessee...