Monday, January 11, 2010


Strange. So Evolutionary Psychology often assumes a certain sort of paleolithic environment as having been essential to human evolution, and thus they explain behaviors by showing how they would have increased fitness back on the ole' cave man days. 

So I note with some interest some modern idiots advocating a 'caveman' diet as being the healthiest and conducive to a long life: Eating Paleo in NYC.  Note that they make a very basic mistake here: they say that the foods we evolved to eat are the healthiest; this is perhaps true, but evolution is about reproduction, not longevity or health. There is thus no reason to think that the foods we used to eat back in the cave days are any healthier than what we eat now, at least not for evolutionary reasons, at least not necessarily. (See what John Hawks says)

People are idiots. Plus, you know, the whole sustainability thing.


  1. You got it all wrong man. The caveman lifestyle is all about sexual selection, not natural selection. Because there's nothing that says "do me" like a nice, sweaty, meat-breathing caveman...

  2. it's funny because i often use the same argument (we should eat what we evolved to eat) to invoke the fact that i should be eating much much less meat. i was under the impression that meat was more scarce in those times than now.

    what i like is how none of these people demonstrate that cavemen actually ate more meat than us. i have a hard time believing that is true.

  3. Plus unless they killin' it themselves, with primitive stone weapons, while covered in accumulated layers of filty furs, dirt, and their own waste, old bits of rotting meat falling from their teeth, and not just some dumb cow, but a real challenge, something only a cave dwelling proto-human hominid could kill, like a mastodon, or something, they ain't real cave men.